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Shahida Tulaganova

Shahida Tulaganova is Emmy nominated fim-maker. Born and raised in Uzbekistan, she is based in London, UK. Shahida started her career in journalism with the BBC News in 1996 and gained her first experience in documentaries at the BBC Current Affairs Documentaries. She is an experienced war reporter and she worked in Syria, Afghanistan, Eastern Ukraine, Palestinian Territories and Somalia. He has just completed her work on her first independent feature documentary film “EXILED”, about the genocide of Rohingya Muslims. Her film about the epic battle during the latest Russian-Ukrainian war, “Airport Donetsk”, won first prize at ArtDocFest festival. In 2007 she produced “How to Plan A Revolution”, a story of young pro-democracy activists striving for change in a dictatorship in Azerbaijan, which won the Prix Europa for best current affairs television program in 2006. Lately, she co-produced Cries From Syria, directed by Evgeny Afineevsky, for which she has Emmy nomination.

Shahida Tulaganova
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