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Tom Moore & Archie Moss

7 May 2022

Tom Moore & Archie Moss

“Tom Moore (Viola & Electronics) and Archie Moss (Accordion & Electronics) are two players at the forefront of the current British folk scene. Whilst intrinsically borrowing from English and other European traditional dance music, sonically Moore and Moss have their heads firmly in the present,

understanding the values of contemporary music and art making. The distinct pulse and intuition of trad-music haunts their playing as they continue to quietly reconsider English instrumental music, listening and responding to the world around them as much as their musical ancestors.”

That’s the blurb they sent us, and its true – but we at the Village Butty think Tom and Archie’s music is really groovy spaced-out folk trance verging on the divine – don’t take our word for it though – come along for free,  but be prepared for a transcendental experience.

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