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Dry Dock 'N' Roll @ Tooley's Boatyard, Banbury

We are proud to be teaming up with Tooley's Boatyard - the UK's oldest working inland  dry dock to put on some extraordinary gigs.  The Village Butty will be moored outside the dock for all events too, of course, selling local ales and other delicious drinks.  Get your tickets!


Our 2023 season begins on Sunday 12th March in Coventry Canal Basin at the Canal & River Trust's Food & Drink Festival.

We'll be hosting the wonderful Ewan Bleach Trio from 12pm - 3pm.  Come and see us! 

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Banbury Canal Festival Oct 1st & 2nd

Come and find us outside historic Toolley's Boatyard in Banbury this weekend.  A great chance to get on board, enjoy the sunshine and have a drink.  

Our bar favourites- local Hook Norton beers and fruit-infused sprits.  Hope to see you here!

Heading 3

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We are bursting with excitement about our first series of shows on the refurbished Village Butty! Coventry City of Culture Trust has asked us to host a massive bunch of events over the final two weeks of it’s cruelly pandemic delayed celebrations. We’ll be moored up in the Brindley built Coventry Canal Basin from the end of April until the middle of May doing as many things as we possibly can. Gigs, tap dancing, art, poetry, steel pans, spoken word, walks, talks, cups of tea and glasses of locally brewed ale! Every day will be utterly wonderful and different.  We are curating the weekends - here’s just some of our highlights!

Friday 29th April Mik Artistik's Ego Trip 6pm


Welcome to the eclectic phenomenon known as Mik Artistik's Ego Trip!

For those of you unfamiliar to this amazing act... come to The Village Butty and find out !

With Mik Artistik on vocals, keyboards and crook-lock and Jonny Flockton (Guitar/Banjo) they are probably the best rock ‘n’ roll funky mad-art-maestros in the world.

Come find out what the fuss is all about and discover why Iggy Pop played them twice in an hour on his Radio 6 show.

Is it art? Is it rock & roll? Is it comedy? It’s all of these and so much more. It’s a national treasure, and totally free!  The opening night of Music in the Basin is set to be a real banger on the Village Butty, Britain’s most unique floating music venue.

Saturday 30th April - The Norfolk Broads 4pm

Imagine four angels descended from heaven and decided to sing wonderful British folk songs with a contemporary twist, illuminating the lives of women past and present. Dastardly boyfriends, love and despair are just a few of the topics this all-female tight harmony group will melt your hearts with!

Norfolk Broads in a van (2).JPG

Anna, Eleanor, Helen and Daisy have been not only wowing festival audiences across GB for the last 8 years,  but they have of course also graced all the “cool” music venues you can think of.

Watch them as the sun goes down on the amazing Village Butty, Britain’s most exquisite floating music venue

STOMPIN' DAVE Friday 6th May 6pm


Forget hurricanes, typhoons and tornados! And prepare yourself for Stompin’ Dave! This bluegrass virtuoso has travelled the world with his superb banjo performances. Did we forget to say he tap dances at the same time! Like nothing you have ever seen before and with over 30 albums to his credit, no festival is complete without a Stompin’ Dave show – Glastonbury, Bestival, Wilderness – the list goes on and on and on. Come and watch the “Mighty leaping salmon of blue grass” for absolutely free at the amazing Village Butty, the award-winning floating music venue moored up in the canal basin. It’ll be like a bit of heaven has come to Coventry, we can completely guarantee you’ll go home smiling.


“Tom Moore (Viola & Electronics) and Archie Moss (Accordion & Electronics) are two players at the forefront of the current British folk scene. Whilst intrinsically borrowing from English and other European traditional dance music, sonically Moore and Moss have their heads firmly in the present,


understanding the values of contemporary music and art making. The distinct pulse and intuition of trad-music haunts their playing as they continue to quietly reconsider English instrumental music, listening and responding to the world around them as much as their musical ancestors.”

That’s the blurb they sent us, and its true – but we at the Village Butty think Tom and Archie’s music is really groovy spaced-out folk trance verging on the divine – don’t take our word for it though – come along for free,  but be prepared for a transcendental experience.


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In 2021 Ewan Bleach was voted the best contemporary jazz clarinet player (male) in the world, an accolade which hardly does him credit, because contemporary jazz is not his bag! The 1930’s is his milieu. Undoubtedly the best UK musician of his generation, if not the country’s best living musician, The Village Butty is totally delighted to be hosting him and friends for two consecutive days. Today he’ll be playing his second instrument – the piano – for a marathon five hour gig. Featuring greats from the past, music hall wonders and his own compositions, Ewan will be playing both clarinet and piano at the same time. This is a brilliant moment to catch this sublime music maker before the inevitable international stardom. In 100 years there will be a blue plaque in Coventry Canal Basin saying “Ewan Bleach played here”. Don’t miss out!


Yes, Ewan Bleach again!  This time with his wonderful traditional jazz quintet.  Friday 13th has never been so lucky and all for FREE.   



Hosting an afternoon of Coventry's finest local talent.  Still a few slots available!  Send an email along to if you'd like to take part.


Is it a dream or is it the future of jazz?  It's both, and it's so much more.  Whiskey Moon Face are a combination of wonderful songwriting and masterful musicianship.  Front lady Louisa Jones' sublime songwriting and jaw-dropping voice combine with Ewan Bleach's exquisitely lyrical clarinet melodies that are like honey to the ears.  All backed up by the extraordinarily sensitive double bass playing of Dakota Jim Ydstie.  What a treat for the end of our visit to Coventry City of Culture.  Not to be missed!  And all for FREE.  No ticket needed in advance, just turn up.

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